Friday, June 06, 2014

The FISE announces the names of the Italian competitors chosen for the European Championship selections
29/05/2014 - evento sportivo

Excitement and adrenaline are growing by the day In Italy, host of the next 2014 European Championship Juniors and Young Riders.

The event takes place for the first time in our country and the blue team do not want to make a bad impression during this outstanding international appointment in which we definitely play the leading role as the host nation.

The Endurance Department of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports (FISE) has already prepared a list of pairs which will participate in the selections for the European Championships.

The selectors have chosen:

- Laliscia Costanza with Cold Ayre, Medusa del Ma and Pallas

- Leone Simonetta with Dolby Surround

- Marcucci Michela with Cherra

- Mariotti Elena with Palkaline d’A., Shaolin Roc’ H. and Zagara della Bosana

- Mandelli Federica with Ninfa di Chia

- Roghi Marina with Lellera

- Serioli Daniele with Pika de Cardonne

- Tavassoli Asli Carolina with Cold Ayre, Pallas and Soraya du Barthas

- Zappettini Luca with Sassifraga della Bosana and Vitex della Bosana

The competitors who have been chosen received the program of withdrawal from FISE and will have to confirm their participation in the selections by 9 June by sending an e-mail to the Federation at

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