Saturday, March 29, 2014

AERC Takes Action As International Endurance Abuses Continue

Original article appeared in The Chronicle of the Horse

As the sport of endurance has grown more popular, so have the cheating and welfare issues, and the American riders want to protect the sport they helped create.


This is a story of international intrigue, of power and influence, of drugs, cheating and preferential treatment.
It involves sheikhs, princesses and cowboys, viral Internet videos and lumbering bureaucracy.

It’s also the story of how the participants and enthusiasts of perhaps the most organic of all the international
equestrian sports—the pursuit of riding a horse as fast as you safely can from point A to point B across natural terrain—are trying to save the sport from its own success. This story begins in the deserts of the Middle East and ends in a conference room in Atlanta where people who share a common interest in endurance all agree there is a problem and are having a healthy debate about how to fix it.

Are you intrigued yet?

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