Thursday, April 11, 2013

France: The Organising Committee seeks to recruit 3000 volunteers for the Games!

5 April 2013

The Normandie 2014 Organising Committee’s recruitment portal will be going live as of today (April 10th 2013) to mobilise 3,000 volunteers from all walks of life ! These volunteers will be on hand as the 1,000 competitors and horses wow the expected 500,000 visitors during the 15 days of competition from 23 August to 7 September 2014.

Whether they’re from down the road or from the other side of the world, together with the region of Normandy, they will bring the biggest equestrian event there is to life ! Hospitality, communication, transport, technology, health & safety, all different types of ancillary services… Our volunteers will have lots to do and each and every one of them will be pivotal in making the event a real success.

Volunteers: The Games' key to success

This volunteer campaign is one big group project with a place for everyone, and what’s more, it will be a shining example of human endeavour !

Our future volunteers symbolise the very essence of the Games, and they will be crucial to the success of the event. They will, after all, be the first in direct contact with the public and will welcome everyone to the Games and Normandy with their distinctive welcoming faces.

A programme open to EVERYONE

ANYONE of 18 or over (on 31 May 2014), both the able-bodied and disabled; we need you ALL to make the Games happen ! This programme is therefore open to ALL THOSE who can give us some of their time and offer us their valuable experience – TOGETHER we will affirm our four guiding principles:

Inspire with our ENTHUSIASM

3,000 volunteers to show what the Games are all about

The Organising Committee will need the help of 3,000 volunteers: 500 volunteers during the test events in August 2013 and a further 2,500 during the Games in 2014.

These volunteers should be available during the two-week long competition from 23 August to 7 September and be able to follow the pre-event training comprised of a one-day induction course and two further days of training.

How to register ?

The event’s recruitment portal goes live from Wednesday, 10 April 2013 (in French only) and will remain active so that volunteers can get updates throughout the recruitment process.

Only the first 5 000 applicants will get a chance to be be recruited so do not wait and join now !

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