Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Belgian Short List for the 2012 World Endurance Championship


July 24 2012

The selection process is still ongoing. As for now there are 8 couples on the short list, taking part at the clinics organized by the Chef d'Equipe at Mont Le Soie.
A qualification threshold had been defined at the start of the season - 17 km/h on a 160km. Not all couples short listed managed to reach this speed but were close. The goal now is to determine the best suited horses and riders and evaluate the condition of the horses that should normally peak at the end of August.
The eight couples are :

• DI GERONIMO Pierrot – SD Mengali
• FALLON Wendy – Karapie d’Alenthun
• JUST Céline – Djellade de Bozouls
• LEQUARRE Michel – Sahid des Fontaines
• PEREIRA Maritza – Lima du Barthas
• VAN CAUTER Julien – Alnasar Adit
• VAN CAUTER Raphael – Taborah de Sier
• WERY Aurélie – Imann Shah

Last year at the European Championship, Belgium clinched the bronze medal. The three riders who achieved this good results were Just, Lequarre and Pereira.

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