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2012 WEC: Ride and Venue Information

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June 29, 2012
by Audee Uruguay

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Beating the previous 2012 World Equestrian Endurance

Colleagues and members of the board of Audee, Sofia Fernandez Amaya Danvila and Pio Olascoaga share with us a comprehensive report, with interesting and useful data for our selection

We are told that the "venue" venue where the pits and the vet gate, is located in Euston Park, about 170-200 km approx. London, 30 minutes from Newmarket and Thetford 5 km (small town with all services).

The boxes, Equal to any international event, canvas roof and wooden walls, typical prefabricated boxes located in an enclosed park, very well defined and with good security.

As for the Vet Gate, The dimensions are similar to the UAE and the operation is similar, though less infrastructure and shelter canopies for teams. Trot lines of grass, is used for chip necklace times and making electronic pulse is displayed on screens at the end of the trot line, (the company which is Gmax).

The track is very technical, and locked, with many circles, curves and turns on turns. This well identified with arrows but requires a high concentration by the rider for not taking the wrong path. Importantly, the roads are mostly narrow, have a width that enables only two horses running in parallel, and in some only one.

The ground is mostly soft, divided it into grass, wet dirt roads that may form little or a lot of mud, roads with some loose stones, crosses and asphalt roads (with option to go through the grass), several creeks crossing with inlet and outlet mud and shallow, forest trails. By estimate would be a higher percentage of grass and dirt roads, very similar to the field of Uruguayan stays.

The weather is very changeable, there is a high chance of rain and cold, it's beyond summer. If it rains, the track becomes very slippery, and increases the mud. Riders are advised to bring a change of clothes to change in case. The support posts are very easy and accessible, often repeating the same and are very well marked.

On transport: An option (highly recommended) is to rent cars online in advance to be picked up at the airport of London Heathrow. The advantages are that there is a shuttle bus (shuttle service) that lead to store cars at the airport. In addition, the exit to the highway that will lead to Newmarket and Euston Park is quite simple. It gets there in 1hr 45 min. (Newmarket). It is recommended to the GPS service, whether renting or taking the landlady yourself with maps of Europe. For more information: , ,

Regarding transportation of horses, we have a truck for six horses which in turn has amenities for everyone on the team, as a living room off to the riders, bathroom and an awning that is installed outside. It will serve to transport the horses from the stables to the Vet Gate and race day will be available for the Uruguay team

Accommodation is a sensitive issue because of the limited supply of hotels and / or houses to rent and because the park around there are no large cities, but very small towns and villages. After several tours throughout the area reserved the last rooms of hotels Thetsford (the nearest town). Another option is to rent houses for 6 or 8 in a resort called "Center Park" which is 15 minutes drive from the park. Within the complex there are restaurants, Starbucks, various activities, pools, and is within a forest.

In terms of costs approx:

Hotels (B & B) - 100 pounds (double)

Homes Center Parc-60 pounds p / person.

For accommodation for grooms, can be considered a Bed & Breakfast in Thetford, (and reserved 3/4 in case: 2 doubles and 1 triple), where they have breakfast included, a living room, dining room and kitchen which is accessible at all times. The cost per person is 25 pounds per person.

Following the good news for the Uruguayan horses endurance, Mr. Pio Olascoaga Amaya got free accommodation in a stable of Sheik Hamdan, equipped with beds, green grass bales and free. As we can facilitate the ration procedures but they do not have in stock. The barn also provides us with an English blacksmith working in the barn and work with horses and horse racing enduro, which may also be available on race day. Other services to be used: training track and grass land, 2 km circuit. Training track by track road that runs Accommodation for 1 or 2 grooms.Cama, bales, grass paddocks Walker Other veterinary services and spa with free prior request for deposit Boxes

Note that this large study do not mean market cost, or for members or for Audee

We thank our colleagues contributed valuable data as well as also the services they have done it without cost to our selection

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