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Australia: Corryong readies for legendary bush festival - full article

18 Mar, 2012

NESTLED among the foothills of the majestic Snowy Mountains, Corryong is gearing up for its annual Man From Snowy River Bush Festival.

Held on the last weekend of March, the successful event is in its 18th year and hosts visitors from around Australia as well as overseas.

The festival has many attractions on offer with the main event the Man from Snowy River Challenge the modern day version of Banjo's Man from Snowy River.

The three-day event is split into six tests, with the winner being judged on the stamina, endurance and the relationship between horse and rider.

Following this, the Man From Snowy River re-enactment brings to life the poem with the ride celebrating Jack Riley's life and showcasing the beauty of horsemanship and agility of the brumbies.

The Station Team Muster gives a snapshot of a day in the life of a farmer teams of two start the race in their swag and complete an agility course, swag-breakfast, fencing and feeding stock as they race against the clock.

Festival co-ordinator Jenny Boardman said they were always adding something new to the program...

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