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Philippines: Bohol sports set for kingly spectacle in nat’l horse race

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May 22 2011

National and local horse racers will compete late this week in the first-ever Governor’s Cup for the equestrian class, elevating Bohol sports to a spectacle staged just for the amazement and joy of only the kings and nobility in ancient time.

Although modern racing exists notably because it is a major venue for legalized gambling generating in 2008 alone a worldwide market worth $115 billion, the horse match here likewise intends to make the sport motivate livestock breeding for livelihood.

The event dubbed the “Governor’s Cup: Survive Bohol 2 – A Horse Competition and Endurance Race” is set for thrill on the Bohol Island State University (BISU) grounds in Bilar starting Friday, May 27, until Sunday.

Skillful jockeys with their prized horses, known trainers, breeders and even just mere lovers of the swift animal from Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro are coming for the event that is truly rare in this part of the country.

Gov. Edgar Chatto will lead in gracing the opening of the three-day horse derby initiated by the Bohol Horse Riding Club, Inc. (BHRCI) in cooperation with the provincial government, Department of Agriculture – Ubay Stock Farm, BISU, and the LGUs of Bilar, Dimiao and Calape.

The competition kicks off in a 12-hour 80-kilometer endurance race from BISU in barangay Zamora in Bilar to Dimao and vice versa, making as a fit horse track the rugged road that cuts across hills.

Endurance race is much like a marathon, often with multi-day rides which fastest time claims the crown.

Endurance racing began in California in 1955, and the first race marked the start of the Tevis Cup, a 100-mile one-day-long ride.

The world’s longest endurance ride is Australia’s Shahzada 400 Km Memorial Test done in five days. In all endurance events there are rigorous veterinary checks before, during and after the competition...

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