Monday, January 24, 2011

Qatar: Al Shaqab Endurance is the Second Best in the FEI World Ranking


With all essential support and endorsement of Al Shaqab, represented by endurance manager Hadi Al Ramzan and the team, the dedicated, applied and professional endurance rider Faleh Nasser Bughenaim is the 2nd best endurance rider of the year 2010 in the ranking of the FEI, more once a source of pride for Qatar.

Winner of eight international endurance races in France, Uruguay, Brazil and Portugal, besides the honorable 5th place in Kentucky, he also exhibits in his ranking of results important victories in Uruguay, where he began ride together with the stallion Amir and was championin a race of 160 Km in July in Costa Azul, with an average speed of 20.82 km / h, doing the last loop with an of 28.03 km/h.

He was also 7th place in the difficult and demanding race of Florac, France, one of the toughest race of endurance world with more than 180 riders. In Florac, Faleh was riding Leonardo and the average speed was 16.84 km/h. The last loop was 21.83 Km/h, leaving all the connoisseurs impressed with the speed,the same that the champion Sarah Chakil did.

In September, the way home it was Kentucky, the Endurance World Championship, in the World Equestrian Games, where Faleh with the Qatar Team fought bravely for a big title. Riding Amir, the stallion from Uruguay, Faleh was once again among the best endurance riders, as Virginie Atger, Sarah Chakil, Maria Alvarez Ponton and did well for his country. At an average speed of 20.37 mph, he was 12°, 7°, 6°, 7° finishing in 5th place in a competition that unfortunately relied on dubious trials and controversies.

In October, Faleh and Urubu were gold medal of the Nations Cup in TrĂ³ia, Portugal, the average speed at 160 km was 18.89 km/h.He did race in 8h25min28s and the average speed in the last race was 23.129 km/h.The next day he did the race 120 km and with Opaline Cabirat he won with an average speed of 20.07 km/h, and the last loop was 24.69 km / h.

Along with these results, it also highlights the dedication of Hadi Al Naimi, who is responsible for all this success around the endurance in Al Shaqab Team, relying with a nice team.

Together with the Al Shaqab Team, Faleh spent months away from home by starting international season just before the half-year and only returned to Qatar in November 2010, in which he has already secured a 2nd place in a international race, riding the Portuguese horse Urubu an the average speed was 21.63 km / h.
So he ended the year 2010 in international endurance competitions and became with much merit with the 2nd best endurance rider in the world, proudly brought to the Al Shaqab this important title.

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