Thursday, January 27, 2011

France: New International Endurance Event at Fontainebleau

Welcome to Fontainebleau !

The Grand Parquet Endurance association is happy to present you with a new event happening in France: an International Endurance Ride Competition taking place in Fontainebleau on Saturday, April the 2nd 2011.

The event is hosted on the Grand Parquet spot, one of the most beautiful equestrian sites in France, very comfortable, as well for the horses as for the rider:

*Very easy to access : located 60 km south of Paris on the A6 Motorway, Exit No 14
*Many hotels situated around Fontainebleau
*230 permanent structure horse boxes
*Many horse shower areas
*Concrete grooming area
*Large consolidated parking area
*Exhibitors and caterer on the premises

On the programme:
*CEI** - 121 km in 4 loops (33km, 36,5km, 30km and 21,5km) – 1450 meters difference in height
*CEI* - 91 km in 3 loops (33km, 36,5km, and 21,5km) – 1100 meters difference in height

The courses are displayed in daisy shape around the site, in the magnificent Fontainebleau Forest, on excellent quality grounds (almost no asphalt).

Electronic timing will be applied to the riders.

Monday, March 21st

closing date for final entries (through your federations)

Wednesday, March 30th (2 :00 pm) to Friday, April 1st (12 :00 pm) : Riders and Horses arrival

Friday, April 1st, 2 :30 pm : initial veterinary control

Saturday, April 2nd : 7 :00 am : CEI** start – 8 :00 am : CEI* start

Saturday, April 2nd : 8 :30 pm : Gala Dinner.

And thanks to our partners we will have a very nice award ceremony !

We are awaiting you all for this first edition !

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