Monday, April 12, 2010

Guatemala hosts International FEI Endurance Course for Judges and Vets

Monday, 12 April 2010

Guatemala City.- Fernando Paiz, President of the Organizing Committee of the 4th Edition of the Magdalena Endurance Challenge on 24-25th of April 2010, is also in charge of the organization of the International FEI Endurance Course for Judges and Vet’s to be held in Guatemala on the 22 and 23rd of April 2010. He informs that this is an excellent opportunity for judges and veterinarians of the Central American region to assist and acquire credits as qualified judges and veterinarians according to FEI standards.

Currently there are very few FEI qualified judges and Vets authorized to be directors of FEI Courses. Guatemala has the luck that for this course some of the most distinguished FEI Course Directors will be present. Ruth Carlson is the FEI Chair of the Endurance Technical Committee. Also in charge is Dr. Verocay, FEI Veterinarian from Uruguay, who speaks Spanish.

How to contact the course organizers:

Guatemalan National Equestrian Association: Telephon: (502) 2471 0825. E- mail:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

President of the Organizing Committee, Fernando Paiz: tel: (502) 59000 790.
Already 4 judes and one Veterinarian from Costa Rica have confirmed their asistance for the course.

Contents of the Course
FEI Course for Endurance Judges (Level I and Level II) and Veterinarians. Guatemala City, Guatemala.
April 22nd – 23rd 2010

April 22nd
AM- Registration
Opening and welcome
Introduction of participants
Introduction to FEI – Includes Level I, Level II and Veterinarians
Class splits – Level I and Level II remain, Veterinarians change rooms

Review Endurance Rules
The Course
Assistance/Forbidden Assistance
Dress Code, Saddlery, Weights
Categories of Competition
Eligibility/Qualification of horse and rider

Objectives and Challenges
Promotion of Officials

Officials required for CEI 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*
Code of Conduct / Philosophy of Judging
Duties – Ground Jury, Technical Delegate, Stewards, Appeals Committee
Judging Guidelines
Discussion and Questions

Day 2
Categories of Veterinarians
Promotion of Veterinarians
Responsibilities of Veterinarians
Veterinary Controls
Examinations and Inspections

Passport requirements
Vaccination requirements
Best Condition Judging

Organizing a CEI
Calendar deadlines, fees and organizing dues
The Draft Schedule

Discussion of case studies

Exam (Levels I and II)
Course Evaluation

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