Monday, August 06, 2007

GBR: Second Euston Run

Gulf News
Raed Mahmood of Bahrain Royal Endurance team placed fourth in the 160km category of the Second Thetford Endurance Race in England, while his teammate, Shaikh Daij bin Salman Al Khalifa, withdrew from the 120km race due to injuries suffered by his horse in the third stage of the race. More than 30 riders took part in the 160km race. Shaikh Daij finished the 40km first stage in 14th place riding his horse LIBERTE with a time of 2 house, 14 minutes and 02 seconds.

First place was won by UAE's Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum with a time of 1:54:45.

The 25km second stage saw Shaikh Daij jump into the ninth place with a time of 3:42:12 and Shaikh Hamdan remain on top of the race.

In the third stage, Shaikh Daij withdrew after his horse was injured. UAE's riders also pulled out for the same reason.

Raed placed seventh in the 40km first stage of the 160km race with a time of 2:25:08, while UAE rider Mubarak bin Shafya finished first at 2:10:21.

Raed jumped to fifth in the 40km second stage with a time of 4:34:16, as Mubarak remained on top with a time of 4:16:56.

In the 25km third stage, Raed remained in fifth place with a time of 6:06:56, and Mubarak remained on top at 4:34:16.

The 16km fourth stage saw Raed jump to fourth with a time of 7:24:07, and Mubarak remain on top.

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