Friday, August 03, 2007

USA: European Championship Evalutions

The Unites States Equestrian Federation has announced the selection of 8 horse/rider combinations that will be examined by a Panel of three Veterinarians prior to identificaiton of the 6 member squad which will represent the United States at the upcoming FEI European Endurance Championship "Open Portugal" 2007 Qatar Challenge. The 8 horse/rider combinations will be examined by a Panel of three Veterinarians with these exams taking place at three locations across the country over the weekend of August 10-12. The 8 horse rider combinations (pending final approval) in alphabetical order Are:

Darolyn Butler/ DJB DC Macproof
Darolyn Butler/ DJB Mercy Merci
Suzanne Hedgecock/ AA Montego
Heather Reynolds/ Cal Flaming Emit
Jeremy Reynolds/ Sir Smith
Steve Rojek/ Finch
Cheryl Van Deusen/ DA Al Capone
Janice Worthington/ Molly’s Valiant Heart

The evaluations provided by the Veterinarians, along with other pertinent information will be used by the Selectors to determine the final squad of 6.

The announcement of the squad is expected on Wednesday, August 15th.

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