Monday, September 18, 2006

Adequan® to Go the Distance with AERC

Equestrian News Release
AUBURN, Ca.?The American Endurance Conference (AERC) is proud to announce Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as its new Platinum Sponsor and AERC National Mileage Sponsor.

?Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the makers of Adequan® (POLYSULFATED GLYCOSAMINOGLYCAN), is honored to be the ?Official Joint Therapy? of AERC,? said Allyn Mann, Senior Manager of the Animal Health Division of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ?We are excited to support a group of riders and owners who understand the importance of maintaining healthy, functioning joints. Any time you plan to ride a horse 50 or 100 miles, their legs take a beating. Adequan® helps to keep their joints healthy so they can participate in these rides.?

AERC President and veteran endurance rider Stagg Newmann, who uses Adequan® on his own competition horses as part of their routine joint therapy, is delighted with the partnership. ?Given what we ask of our horses over years and miles of competition, they deserve the best care we can provide, including the best joint therapy.?

Adequan® restores synovial lubrication to facilitate joint movement by inducing a rapid, significant increase of synovial hyaluronic acid within 24 hours of intramuscular injection. Adequan® decreases inflammation of the synovial membrane, relieves pain caused by the swelling and inflammation associated with joint disease, inhibits harmful enzymes that attack the synovial fluid and cartilage and helps restore the natural balanced ?wear and repair? cycle within the joint.

?Endurance riding is an extreme test for our equines, and therefore they require the utmost care and conditioning to be successful,? said AERC spokesperson Randy Eiland. ?AERC is proud that we put our horse?s welfare above all else, making Adequan® the perfect sponsor for AERC. The proper use of Adequan® not only protects our horses? joints from naturally occurring wear and repair, it also allows these great animals to compete, be active and lead productive lives well into what we used to consider old age. I can?t think of a more appropriate fit than Adequan® and AERC.?

Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has developed an animated CD that takes the viewer on a journey through the joint of a horse. It helps the viewer understand how a healthy joint functions, what happens when damage occurs, and the various FDA-approved treatment options and how well they work to improve the health of the joint. To obtain a copy of the CD, call (800) 972-9247, or view it at

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