Sunday, August 20, 2006

WEC: 2006 World Equestrian Games Opening Ceremonies

By Nancy Jaffer

achen, Germany, August 20, 2006 -- Horsepower in all its glory was on parade as the World Equestrian Games officially opened this afternoon, celebrating the beauty, grace and diversity of the animals we so admire -- as well as the people who ride and drive them.

There were 37,500 enthusiastic fans packing the stands, clapping in time to the music and doing the wave, so happy (like me) to be at the world's biggest horse show.

The WEG's breadth was epitomized by the moment when reining horses were spinning, a vaulter was leaping off the back of her mount, four-in-hand drivers toured the ring, show jumper Christian Ahlmann cleared a fence, endurance riders trotted around, world champion dressage rider Nadine Capellmann put her horse through its paces and eventers tore around the turf. Now I've mentioned all of the seven disciplines that will be showcased here for the next two weeks, and if today's kick-off was any indication, it will be a time of excitement and drama that goes by far too fast.

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