Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Aachen: UK - Skye's the limit for Kirsty

25 January 2006
KIRSTY WISCOMBe and her nine-year-old horse Crimson Skye have been longlisted for the World Equestrian Games Endurance team.

The games will be held in Aachen, Germany in August and Kirsty is also hoping to get another of her horses, Jake V, qualified via a ride abroad in the spring.

Kirsty competes her team of Yawl Hill Endurance Horses from her Lyme Regis base, helped this year by 14-year-old Jodie Jenkins, a pupil at Axe Valley School. There are eight horses, Kirsty concentrating on international rides on the three advanced horses, three intermediates and two novices which Jodie will ride."

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