Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Mercury: The whisper is: have horse sense, will travel [09jun04]

A BIT of horse whispering, massaging and manipulation is taking equine therapist Ken Green places.

Mr Green, of Moriarty, in Tasmania's North-West, has been invited to Hokkaido, Japan, to look after three horses entered in the 100km Japanese National Endurance championships in September. The invitation came from Japanese endurance rider Masafumi Tenaka, who travels the world to compete in endurance riding competitions.

Mr Green said. "I feel really privileged to be invited to Japan to look after the horses of Mr Tenaka and zoo veterinarian, Dr Misuko Masui. It's a great opportunity. While I'm in Japan I'll also be talking to the Japanese Jockey Club about equine therapy and doing seminars and demonstrations.

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