Thursday, June 17, 2004

Brazil: Pantry Avare de Enduro Equestre Results

Cidinha Franzão

Some horses are lead by the knights. Others lead them. As in case that it is mentioned to the Powerful one, a mare that has a heart to make envy when the subject is enduro. To perceive this is easy, is enough to follow the results of the last tests: first place in the tests National Pantry of the Arab Horse (92 km) and Haras Endurance International (2x80km). It is a domada power. To only have an idea of 'preparo físico', to each ring, lowered the beatings before all the others in the same category. This vigor also is perceived in the tracks. It wants more, always more. Silvia Eguchi that says it. (Translation by Google:)

EnduranceBrazil: Complete Story in Portugese

Google Translation


Ride Results in that wonderful Excel format!

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