Friday, May 07, 2004

The trip to La Baule

Pamela Burton
May 7

Though sunny today, it is still cool here on the Atlantic Coast of
France, with a stiff breeze. If the weather is like this tomorrow,
the day of the ride, it should make for excellent riding conditions.

Friday afternoon - on to the Vet-In...I had to to pass on the
fresh oysters they were serving in the press room (lack of time) and
head to the trot -out paddock, which happens to be a nearrby lovely
park among the surrounding houses, I immediately run into Dr. Dane
Frazier from the US. He was extremely genial as is his habit, and
very complimentary of his treatment by the highly organized,
Organizing Committee. Dr. Frazier is here as one of the 9
veterinarians from as many countries, as a line vet...he said,
"his favorite job".

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