Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Endurance Stars of France: Persik

Persik, foundation sire: 1969-2001
by Pamela Burton -

Persik, who stood in France from 1975 until 2001, is considered by many to be one of the best producers of endurance horses, able to pass his numerous good qualities to his famous get. These include endurance greats, Kid, Loustik, Makonia, Tex, Outlaw Persik, Varoussa, Dynamik, SyI?ne of Dr?mme, Melfenik, and Krempolis, to name a few.

Persik was imported from the Russian racing stud, Piaygiorsk, at Tiersk, by Jean Cougul along with two mares. In 1972, equestrian tourism was on the rise in the south of France, and riders and park rangers needed horses. According to historians, the stallion Persik, was a stand-out. The 15.3 h, grey was from the Skowronek line, with Nasseen on the paternal side and Arax on the maternal side. Dikarka, great-grandmother to Persik, is the mother of famous Padron in the USA.

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