Sunday, February 22, 2004

ILPH: Brazil 2004 Challenge

Brazil 2004

The ILPH Brazilian Challenge will provide you with the opportunity to explore the largest country in South America. Since its colonisation by the Portugese in the 16th century, the country has held a constant fascination for foreigners. Brazilian culture has been shaped not only by the Portugese, who gave the country it religion and language, but also the country's native Indians, the large African population and other settlers from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The state of Rio is one of the smallest in Brazil, but probably has the greatest diversity with its mountain ranges, coastline and forests.

Using Mangalarga Marchador horses (an orginal Brazilian breed), this Challenge follows the Imperial route from Penedo to Petropolis. The itinerary is truly exciting and challenging, incorporating the stunning mountainous region north west of Rio de Janeiro. It is a unique itinenary and one that we are sure will appeal to those with an adventurous spirit who want to "do their bit" for the ILPH, and be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime.
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