Tuesday, May 20, 2003

2003 Mt. Charleston Results(unofficial)

On Beahof of PEGGASIS

(This ride will be moving to the Fall, Sept. 17/18/19, 2004. It will be a
pioneer ride with a LD on Sunday. 55/50/30/50.)

Mt. C - 75 mile 12 riders 7 finished
Dabney Finch, riding Orzo (well sometimes) 1st FW & BC - 8:13
Pete Davies, riding Beeware 1st LW 8:34
Alison Farrin, riding Caer Donn 9:25
Tammy Robinson, riding TR Sharkee 10:55
Charlene Stueve, riding TR Hobo 10:56 1st MW
Nancy Donaldson, riding, KS Starbuck 11:13
Brooke Schick, riding TR Spirited Music 11:14
Betsy Mongrain, riding FS Any Question L
Richard Fuess, riding Red October M
Gary Glazer, riding Acting Up ROM
Richard Fonseca, riding Alidar ROM
Linda Morelli, riding OSO Etykan M

50 mile 6 riders all finished
Patty Danley, riding Rushcreek Dee !st LW and BC 7:15
Sandy Prior, riding Suntiki 1st FW 7:48
Barbara Fredy, riding Haat Shaatina 7:48
Dayna Weary, riding Heisman 10:00
Bruce Weary, riding Laredo 1st HW 10:00
Jodette Poe, riding Indian Magic 10:30

50 mile day 2, 9 riders all finished
Patty Danley, riding Rushcreek Dee, 1st LW and BC 7:09
Sandy Prior, riding Suntiki 7:49 1st FW
Jennifer Davies, riding Pokatia 8:28
Teren Lindsay, riding TA Sarena 1st Junior 8:50
Autunm Barclay, riding DBA Aerial Mist 8:50
Jodette Poe, riding Indian Magic 10:05
Mohamed Rouas, riding Blu Magic 10:25 1st MW
Tammy Robinson, riding TR Katie Bar The Door 10:29
Charlene Stueve, riding TR Whyatt 10:29

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