Sunday, November 13, 2022

Patagonia: The Gaucho Derby Academy Wants You! - More

The Gaucho Derby Academy is a multi-day immersive and educational experience which trains equestrians to be able to tackle our 500km Gaucho Derby. Across the six day experience, riders will learn about the culture and lifestyle of the gauchos of Patagonia. They will put their horsemanship skills to the test while tackling some of the toughest terrain on the planet and clearing the vet checks along the way.

Then you’ll spend some time working with the gauchos as they round up the local wild horses.

Our team of international event managers, local gauchos, equine experts, medics and veterinarians will lead the courses on navigation, riding the gnarly terrain, wilderness survival and managing horse health throughout this adventure. Once you’ve graduated you’ll be confident in your skillset to tackle the beast that is The Gaucho Derby. The following is the itinerary for this truly unique Academy brought to you by the team at The Equestrianists.

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