Monday, October 24, 2022

Sitting on Top of the Endurance World

21 October 2022

We speak to World No.1 Julia Montagne...

Endurance is about strategy, with the top athletes knowing that a course of 100 to 160km is best handled in the individual phases of the race.

In essence, the strategic rider treats the four phases of a 160km endurance competition individually; they focus on each 40km phase, completing the mandatory veterinarian inspections, without losing sight of the race’s finish line.

Julia Montagne of France is currently sitting on top of the FEI World Endurance rankings, with a comfortable lead in the point standings. She trains and competes multiple horses at FEI competitions with Endurance Vilaltella based in Portugal. The consistent performance of Julia and her Endurance horses has led to her long stretch as the world’s highest-ranked athlete.

“This year has been amazing, and I hope we will have more results still at the end of the year,” Julia said.

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