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Pam Karner’s Gaucho Derby Adventure - Full Story

April 6 2022
by Patti Steadman

Note from Patti:

Anyone who knows my friend Pam Karner knows that she is a force of nature. She is a veterinarian and a Ride Manager and an endurance rider, and beyond that she is unfiltered and generous and hilarious and just a wee bit unhinged. [I say that unapologetically both about her and to her, for the record.]

In every image I have of Pam, we are laughing.

In 2018, she finished the Mongol Derby, a feat that would be epic for someone half her age.

If anyone saw the video circulating around Facebook after this year’s successful Gaucho Derby, she said the reason she did it was because she didn’t want to shrink.

She sent me these videos and her story a couple of weeks ago and I asked if I could share it on my blog; I don’t think Pam has any clue what an enormous fan club she has. Like most remarkable women.

Pam is an inspiration, and to say she isn’t shrinking at 68 would be just a wee bit of an understatement.

Go, Pam, go!


Edited to add: Pam shared this podcast with me to share with all of you. Stevie Delahunt’s interview: (And yes, Pam gets a mention as well!)



March 2022


My dear friends, this is a bit long so please don’t feel obligated to read it. I just couldn’t figure out what to cut!

What a group of diverse, interesting, exciting, fun party animals! We met in El Calafate and the party was in full swing immediately.

Things quieted down a few days later as we drove eight hours north to who-knows-where over many dirt roads to arrive at “Start Camp”. Seven hexagonal domes that, despite being pinned to the ground, refused to stay put thanks to the challenging Patagonia wind. The doors were the first to go! Each dome created ways to keep their doors on. I was lucky to have two engineers in mine!...

Read more here:

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