Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Monaco: Laura Gramaglia, a promising Monegasque endurance rider

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Romain Boisaubert - 10 August 2021

Almost 18 years old and having just passed her Baccalaureate with honours, Laura Gramaglia has not finished surprising us. Passionate about horses since she was a child, the Monegasque is preparing to compete in her first equestrian endurance world championships (U21) in September. Portrait of an athlete with a big heart.

It all began a few kilometres from the Principality, in the heart of the Villeneuve-Loubet riding club, nestled in a lush green setting of nearly 25 hectares. “She must have been a year and a half old,” recalls her mother, with a smile, as she recalls the fond memories of the escapades she enjoyed with little Laura. “I had a horse and I used to hold her in front of me in the saddle. I think I passed on this passion to her. Laura grew up in this environment”...

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