Monday, February 22, 2021

Blue Wolf Totem Expedition in Mongolia August 7-17, 2022


August 7-17, 2022

Experience Mongolia like no one has since the time of Chinggis Khan!

Swept up with the magic of The Blue Wolf Totem Expedition…but don't have three months to escape to the wilds of Mongolia?

​Join international endurance rider, Heidi Telstad, the first and only Canadian winner of the 2016 Mongol Derby and 2022 Blue Wolf Totem Expeditionist for 11 days of soul fulfilling experiences while riding Mongolian horses and participating in the highlights of her recently completed 84 day, 3,600 km Blue Wolf Totem Expedition. ​

Heidi has designed an adventure that will satisfy every horseback riding dream you've ever had about exploring Mongolia. Riding out of the custom ger camp, you will have a chance to experience the true highlights of Mongolian history and culture in comfort and style.

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