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Interview with Christian Lozano newly elected Chair of Endurance - Full Article
4th January 2021

Christian Lozano was recently elected as Chair of Endurance at the 2020 FEI General Assembly. Endurance World was able to catch up with him. Tarbes, Thursday 30 December 2020.

Christian is a person with no conflict of interest because he doesn’t have any business in the sport of endurance. He is not a breeder or an owner, he doesn’t have relatives riding and he doesn’t work for a timing company. How did you come to be involved with endurance?

I went to the brother-in-law (Joel Marescassier) of a friend who was riding in the Bordeaux area where there is all the wine and chateaux. I didn’t know the sport at all, but it was a 90 kilometre ride, a kind of selection ride. The French chef d’equipe, Pierre Cazes, and all the French big names in endurance (Jack Begaud, Jean Noël Lafaure…) were there, but I didn’t know that at the time because it was the first time I saw an endurance ride.

And I liked it because at the time I was doing half marathons and marathons, and also I stopped playing rugby a few years before. So I did find that spirit of the marathon in the ride because people were suffering, and also the spirit of the rugby because at the end of the competition everybody was friendly and sharing a glass at the bar, having food together and as a group of people they were helping each other. I did enjoy that spirit. Later I was living in Abu Dhabi. I came with a French company because I worked for the French Ministry of Defence, and I was there with my family from 1999 to 2005. And my friend told me, you know in the UAE they have a lot of endurance riding. I really enjoy endurance...

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