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SGC riding pants ready for endurance!

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3rd November 2020

Interview with Daphne Leers, CEO of SGC International

Tuesday 27 October 2020.

Not so many people heard of the new brand SGC riding pants but once they tried the first product it is a name and product not quick to forget. That first product are riding pants, designed and produced by horse riders, for horse riders. An interview with Daphne Leers, a 20 year old entrepreneur and the force behind SGC International.

Who is Daphne Leers?

I am a 20 year old girl living in a really small country, the Netherlands, somewhere in Zuid Limburg. Although I live in such a small country I have always had big dreams and I am not someone who is easily scared to take the steps.

What is the story behind SGC International?

SGC International is actually a really fortunate accident, because I was also starting a fitness brand back in May. But as you can see now our first product are riding pants. So why the focus on riding pants?

Somewhere during May this year Ijjou Mohamed and Marijke Visser were talking about how they would love some new type of riding pants since the ones they liked weren’t for sale anymore. Ijjou knew I was about to start a fitness brand and said since I had the contacts to do so, why not make a new type of riding pants? I also wasn’t satisfied with the products that were on the market and thought I could design something just for my dearest friends, Marijke, Anne Marijn (Kok), Ijjou Mohamed and myself...

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