Monday, October 05, 2020

Will the UAE’s Suspension Trigger an Endurance Breakaway? - Full Article

Fans of ‘desert racing’ seem baffled by the suspension - not surprising, against a background of widespread disregard for the rules.

By Cuckson Report // Pippa Cuckson | October 1, 2020

There are many reasons why the FEI shouldn’t have so promptly lifted its first suspension of the UAE national federation (NF) in 2015. Since then, the discipline’s dominant player has had more “second chances” than it deserved. But unlike 2015, last week’s FEI decision to suspend it again has massive impacts, wiping out the winter endurance season and grinding the global horse trade to a halt.

The FEI produced this concise Q&A for riders of limited attention span. Here is my unofficial – and rather longer – Q and A:

Isn’t a six-month suspension rather short, bearing in mind the UAE’s history of doping, cheating and horse fatalities?...

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