Friday, May 22, 2020

Tom Morgan, the man behind Mongol Derby and Gaucho Derby

Photo credit: The Adventurists
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22nd May 2020

The Mongol Derby and Gaucho Derby are not what you call the most traditional endurance horse races in the world.

They have been documented over and over again for their sheer adventure and risk. Time to talk to Tom Morgan, founder of The Adventurists.

Who is Tom Morgan?
I originally come from a small town in the South of England but now live out in the West Country near Bristol. I studied Fine Art, which is not entirely relevant but I left university swearing I would never get a real job. I started The Adventurists right after then and have, so far, managed to avoid that real job. I’ve been deep in a world of organising adventures ever since.

What is The Adventurists?
We’ve spent the last 14 years designing and running large scale, often slightly ridiculous, adventures and races around the world. From air races to tuktuk adventures and of course the World’s longest horse race the Mongol Derby. At our core we’re a pretty small team but a huge community around the world gathers to stage events like the horse race.
The Mongol Derby and now the Gaucho have grown over the years so we recently moved them into a separate company. As a result we can build a team just around the very specific requirements of multi-horse racing. We’re going to be launching a series of new races globally...

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