Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Spain: Completion of the file to Ignasi Casas

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After arduous complaints to different instances of the FEI and TAS. Ignasi Casas has been suspended only three months, which has more than fulfilled his punishment, although he has kept, at this time, to exercise its federal charges and as an officer in the tests.

This is all the information:

CAS Ends at record FEI vs Ignasi Casas

The claim Ignasi Casas vs the International Equestrian Federation regarding Unfortunate Events Tryon (USA) WEG 2018 has been favorably resolved the claims of the Spanish by the CAS / TAS (Tribunal Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.)

This long and hard process began in October 2018 when the FEI Ignasi Casas communicated to the opening of the disciplinary proceedings where he was asked 2 years disqualification in all its functions related to the FEI.

In November 2018, even with all the open, the FEI informed him his suspension as vice president of the ETC (FEI Endurance Technical Committee).

This suspension and the proposed penalty of 2 years were not accepted by Ignasi Casas and RFHE, which led them to proceedings before the FEI Tribunal where the final resolution was 1 year sanction against the 2 proposed initial years.

This time the national coach and team leader RFHE Raid did not agree with the resolution and reported the case to the CAS, sports highest legal authority.

Finally, this body has clearly resolved in favor of Ignasi Casas, only 3 months reducing the initial proposal for suspension of the FEI 2 years. Also it indicates that the FEI must pay 5,000 CHF Ignasi Casas as a concept of aid to legal costs and expenses also recommends reinstatement in the ETC (FEI Endurance Technical Committee).

However, the final and definitive resolution of the TAS, gone forth when Ignasi Casas had already 11-month ban, so it has been 8 months more disabled, with not allowing, injury later in the 2019 season, to be head of the Spanish Raid team, or act as an officer in FEI and national tests. In addition to attending the FEI prohibit Sports Forum 2019 and the 2019 General Assembly decisive in Moscow, where the new regulation was approved Raid.

Despite being the final judgment from the exit of the resolution on 10 January 2020 and after several allegations by the FEI, the CAS letter on February 14 terminated the case without accepting the amendments proposed by the FEI and gives the resolution definitively closed and non-confidential, so since 10 January, Ignasi Casas has all its functions fully recovered FEI (TAS will shortly publish the full resolution full details of the trial). "

Source: RFHE.

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