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France: 340 horses took part at Castelsagrat 2019

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23rd June 2019
Race Report made with the assistance of Anne Donzelli

Castelsagrat Stadium, Castelsagrat, France. Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2019. The organisers stated that 2019 was just an amazing year for Castelsagrat endurance race with 340 horses taking the departure on the very famous, technical and difficult tracks.

A record number of participants compared to the 300 horses present last year.
55 horses ran on the Friday 7 June, starting very early in the morning for the 160km race. This event was particularly important for the French riders because it is part of to the selective races for the Senior French team.

It was all along the day a beautiful fight by the French Christophe Nogueira with Piros De Fontanel. They finished at more than 18.4 km/h but unfortunately, they couldn’t be ranked due to a mistake along the fifth loop. This declared David Abad Guerra as winner, a Spanish rider who rode with Nadin Fay at 18 km/h. The second place was for the French rider Roman Lafaure with Valdez Cabirat (as in 2017 after Tarzibus and Sabrina Arnold) and Servann Le Bitoux with Sanitza Armor finishing in third position. A very beautiful podium!...

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