Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mongolia: 2019 Gobi Desert Cup Scheduled for 27 August to 6 September

Please join us for a 480-kilometer ride across the Gobi Desert on Mongolian horses over six days. We are an endurance race that prioritizes horse welfare and the sustainability of the nomadic Mongol culture through our event. Challenge your horsemanship will embarking on the cultural experience of a lifetime. We are now accepting a limited number of applications at

The Mongolian Horse

Mongolian horses are semi-wild and handled differently then the horses you are used to riding. Sturdy and strong with a lot of heart, they will teach you and test you. The horses selected for the cup qualify based on age, health, quietness, experience and ability to cover long distances. Once qualified, the horses go to our training center to be trained and conditioned for the race. Our herdsmen will be on hand every day to help you and support you as you navigate the course.

Race Details

Following a marked course, starting every morning at 7AM, riders must complete the course before 7 PM. Two vet checks are held a day; one at 40 km and one at the end of the 80km. When entering the vetting area, riders will have maximum 30 minutes to get their horse's heart rate to 64bpm or below. At each vet check, the horses will be trotted out under saddle and checked for lameness. After passing the vet check, a compulsory vet hold of 40min will allow both riders and horses to rest, eat and drink.

Away from the modern world, GET BACK TO BASICS.

Riders will be camping in tents each night in a traditional Mongolian camp. You will wake up each morning to the herders bringing in the horses to the horse line as the sun rises over the horizon. Leave your modern amenities behind because without electricity you will learn to live as the herders have since the time of Ghenghis Khan.

But no open fires here, you will be immersed in the nomadic lifestyle while enjoying catered food prepared by our chef and his team.


The itinerary includes a half day briefing with officials in Ulaanbaatar at the hotel. You will then be picked up the following morning at the hotel to travel to base camp where you will receive two days of training before the race; discovering the horses, the rules, and try your gear. Then the race begins after a Starting Ceremony! Each night awards will be present for Best Managed Horse and Best Sportsmanship. At the end of six days and 480 kilometers, the Individual Winner, Overall Best Managed, and Team winners will be announced, following by a Closing Ceremony.

For more information and to apply, see

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