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Denmark: Icy winds and warm hearts in Feldborg - Full Article

27 March 2018
Race Report made with the assistance of Mette Holm Halvorsen

Feldborg. Denmark. Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March. Every year, the Feldborg endurance ride marks the beginning of the Danish endurance season, held in a large pine tree plantation in the western parts of the country.

A very popular two day event with riders from the Scandinavian and other European countries, due to the long stretches and good footing which allows a steady speed and a good way to start the new season.

This year the effects of a special weather phenomenon over the Arctic, leading to wintery conditions unusually late in the season, challenged the riders with frozen ground and very icy winds blowing, even snow at times. The cold could not dampen the spirit of the hardy endurance riders and their horses, however, and the mood was happy and relaxed throughout the event as is the norm at Feldborg. As many as 20 riders started on March 17, in the longest 120 kilometre CEI2* with participants from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland...

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