Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Great Britain: Annie Joppe’s endurance blog: We’re off to see The Queen - Full Article

Annie Joppe
07:55 - 9 May, 2017

WE ARE GOING TO WINDSOR! Yes, we made it through the ballot and have an entry in the one-star. I love Royal Windsor, having done the two-star competition twice now. It is a magical ride around Windsor Great Park and trotting up in front of the Queen is great but somewhat nerve-wracking!

Both my previous experiences of Royal Windsor have been with Dilmun, the first being so frustrating when we made an error of course, which we corrected, but were only awarded a completion which meant missing out on the awards’ ceremony and presentation of the prizes by the Queen.

The second occasion, two years’ ago, was somewhat different. After a good start and steadier second loop we were out on the third loop near the vetgate when we were attacked. Yes, attacked! A rather large Canadian goose masquerading as Concorde, flew at us from a distance of about 50 metres and attempted to swerve at the last minute (I think it lost its nerve when it saw Dilmun’s ferocious face), glanced off my head and Dilmun’s shoulder and fell to the ground. It soon rallied. Dilmun and I zoomed into the vetgate but unfortunately Dil’s pulse was one beat too high so we were out — I BLAME THAT GOOSE!...


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