Tuesday, March 28, 2017

GB: Annie Joppe’s endurance blog: new wheels and an amazing transformation

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anniejoppe 10:55 - 28 March, 2017

It’s spring! Rain has stopped, mud is less deep and the sun has even come out. Our first endurance ride was on Sunday.

The day was all about Chiara. Over the past few weeks, actually since January, Chiara has been preparing for the beginning of the season. As last year was her first in endurance and only her second summer season having a human on her back, there is still a lot to learn. Preparation involves schooling, conditioning and fitness work and, very importantly, seeing as much of the world as possible.

Chiara had a sheltered life for her first six years, never leaving the stud where she was bred and, although she became used to large farm machinery, lorries and so on manoeuvring around the yard, she had never met a sheep or a cow nor had she encountered dustbins, boulders and the beach; all things an endurance horse encounters in his line of work...

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