Monday, May 02, 2016

Bromont 2018: A (sort of) Progress Report - Full Article

Written by: Karen Robinson

With a little over two years to go until the World Equestrian Games in Bromont, QC, the wheels are finally starting to turn.

In just over two years, the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) are scheduled to take place at the Parc Équestre Olympique in Bromont, QC. One would naturally expect the venue in Bromont to be a beehive of construction activity, and the internet to be peppered with promotional communications about the largest equestrian sporting event ever on Canadian soil.

But very little has progressed with Bromont 2018 since the bid was won, other than a turnover in CEOs last summer when Paul Côté departed less than a year after he was hired. He was replaced in September 2015 by Luc Fournier, who was persuaded to leave his post as Quebec’s Deputy Minister for Sports and Recreation. Fournier brings a strong, relevant background to the job of running the 2018 WEG project, having been at the helm of several major annual sporting events in Quebec. The 2018 WEG will almost certainly be the biggest challenge of his event management career, not least because he inherited a project that had been both stagnant and badly deficient in funding...

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