Monday, April 20, 2015

"1st World Endurance Summit" to be held with Danish Championship

20 April 2015

In conjunction with the 2015 Danish Endurance Championship, Peter Christiansen of the Association Molsridtet is organizing the 1st World Endurance Summit on in Mols, Denmark, beginning July 28th.

The summit is being held because the group loves the sport of endurance, and they want to "contribute to the ongoing development of endurance as a sustainable sport" which has the maximum focus on horse welfare with the absence of doping.

During the summit, discussions will focus on the state of endurance today and the direction participants would like it to develop in the future. Lectures and workshops will be held concerning ethics in endurance, and veterinarians will speak about research projects related to endurance riding and the use of horses in endurance.

On the last 3 days of the summit, several events will take place. On Friday, a "Mini Tri Endurance" will take place, with a 40 km endurance ride, 20 km of cycling, and 5 km of running. On Saturday August 1, CEI3*, CEI2* and CEI1* endurance rides will be held. The 2015 CEI2* Danish Championship will take place Sunday, in addition to a CEI1*, and an 80 km, 60 km and 40 km national rides.

The summit is open to all nations, and all international and national riders.

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