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Endurance Great Britain Announces New Board

26 November 2014

Endurance GB (EGB), the governing body for the sport of endurance riding in Great Britain, has announced its new and returning members of the EGB Board for 2014/15, including the re-election of John Hudson as EGB chairman.

The new Board was announced at the EGB AGM on Saturday 22nd November, with the highest number of EGB members on record participating in the vote for the elected team. The EGB Board for 2014/15 comprises 15 members, including Sue Box, Kerry Dawson, David Hirst, Harry Ingram and Jane Tennant being welcomed to the Board. John Hudson and Jo Claridge have both been re-elected.

As an accomplished rider, Sue Box has been involved in endurance for 16 years and is keen to encourage new EGB membership at all levels and riding ability. Kerry Dawson, from West Yorkshire, has a wide experience of endurance and wants to help improve the sport for everyone from grass-roots to international level. Businessman David Hirst has worked as a TS, FEI Steward and helper in endurance over the past 16 years, and crewed to international level. At 22, Harry Ingram is the youngest member of the Board and a vehement supporter of young riders. He served as Chair of the Young Rider committee in 2013 and having been involved in endurance for the past decade is keen to give something back to the sport he loves. Former rider Jane Tennant, mother of international rider Alex Tennant, is a life member of EGB and wants to help drive the expansion of the EGB membership. Re-elected member Jo Claridge has been part of the development of EGB from the outset and returns to the Board as Groups Chairman with a clear vision to further contribute to the growth and success of EGB.

Returning chairman John Hudson has been involved in endurance since 1988 and brings with him a wealth of experience in the sport. John recognises the potential for the growth of endurance and will continue to use his expertise to lead EGB and the sport for its members and for Great Britain.

John Hudson, EGB Board Chairman, said: “Each member of the Board shares the same passion for endurance and together we can actively work towards our strategy to enable more people and horses at all levels to enjoy the sport of endurance to the highest standard of excellence.”

The full EGB Board includes:

John Hudson, EGB Chairman
Pete Claridge, EGB Vice Chairman / Financial Director
Ann Dark, Company Secretary
Sue Box
Sue Broughton, Chair of International
Jo Claridge, Chair of Groups
Kerry Dawson, Chair of Technology
Brian Floyd Davis, Chair of Health & Safety
Jeni Gilbert, Chair Rides & Rules
Kevin Hawes
David Hirst
Harry Ingram
Constance Newbould, SERC Representative
Jane Tennant
Fiona Videla, Chair of PR & Marketing
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