Wednesday, October 01, 2014

USA Young Endurance Riders Head to Santo Domingo, Chile - Full Article

29 September 2014, USA
Pamela Burton

Emmett Ross, Chef d’Equipe for USA Endurance, has verified that two riders will compete in the 120km CEIYJ2** endurance ride to be held in Santo Domingo, Chile on 4 October.

Ross: “Yes I am taking two young riders to Chile for October 4 120 km ride. The Chilean Federation has been great and offered to find two horses for the two riders to ride. Pedro Pablo Gomez, who has been a friend for over 15 years, is dedicating two of his horses– Pedro’s wife Ximena is arranging much of the administrative aspects. This event is to allow a few of our top young riders to learn the course in advance of the Junior Young Rider World Championships hosted by Chile in November 2015. The venue location at the beautiful Las Brisas resort is near the town of Santo Domingo nearly a two hour drive from Santiago...

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