Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spain: Selection Criteria for Pre-World Championship

25 April 2012

Consideration will be given the results in the following competitions for horses and riders:

The raid Spain Championship CEI 3 * to be held on June 9, 2012.

Tests 160km CEI 3 * held in Spain, France, Belgium and the UK
until June 24, 2012. 

To be considered for screening, the binomial testing should be completed at a minimum speed of 15 km / h. May be considered also some evidence to decide on an individual by the coach in 2012 for individual pairs.

The ranking its use as a guide to determine differences between horses with results next. Also, take into account the horses and riders on their own merits (results above) to confirm their status as evidence to decide individually between owners, riders and coach.

We must accept the commitment papers of incorporation to discharge plan
competition that can be found in the section of regulations section RAID Web

The criteria for the FEI World Championship to contest all raid in UNITED

1. A 160km test at least 14 km / h by the team (together) in the 24
months before the test.
2. The horse must be at least 8 years to compete in a championship.
3. The horse must have completed 3 CEI 2 * or higher (including test point 1).
4. The rider or rider must have completed 5 CEI 2 * or higher (including test
paragraph 1).

* Any changes in national or FEI criteria will be decided by the coach.

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