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Spain: Kaliber Raid News Andalucia 2012

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by Gabriel Gamiz Gomez

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Our friend and Kaliber Andalucia President Jose Manuel Soto, sends us an email and a letter, telling him that this year 2012 will be the Kaliber.

Spanish and World crisis has hit the world of the horse and could not be unless you play at this great test, test that too many riders have the illusion of enjoyment, and José Manuel looking for cheaper solutions, explains in this letter, which wants to do in this year 2012.
The idea looks like it may be, is not the same go half Andalucia, to be anchored to a village, but this place is special, nestled inside the Doñana Paque, a place where they worship the Blessed Virgen del Rocio, horse landmark in the village meets during the pilgrimage, thousands of fans with their horses to enjoy those walks in the sand marshes.

This is the newsletter of Jose Manuel Soto on the new Al-Andalus Ironhorse :

"Dear friends,

Many of you're asking me about this year's raid, and I think it's time to give you an explanation. In 2012, due to the difficult economic situation we are going, we can not celebrate the Raid Kaliber-Andalusia as you had known before.

We had been several years working their way through the longest and toughest test in the world despite the many difficulties of all kinds that we face, to face them with hope and enthusiasm, but This year we have lost all support we had and we can not continue.

You can imagine the shame that this happens to us all that we fought so hard over the years by bringing forward this dream, but circumstances force us to send and adapt if not to resign. Our intention is not to lose the habit of doing a great race every spring in Andalusia, and especially not to lose the habit of meeting and share what most unites us: our love for horses.

Therefore, I propose a great weekend of horses and friendship in the village of El Rocío coinciding with Easter. We can not give big awards, or write great reports as before, but if we can share good times and compete healthily with our horses, which are also our passion.

The idea is to hold three races of 80 km each, in two stages a day, starting and finishing in the village of El Rocío, going through the incomparable landscapes sandy, covered with pines, Doñana and its beaches. And that everyone may want to run phases, establishing several classifications.

I think it's a much more affordable adventure from every point of view, although not without strength and competitiveness for those who decide to try to run all phases. The horse better classified which cover all stages be given the prize "Ironhorse" of the year. And that, precisely, is the name of this new career: "Al-Andalus Ironhorse."

From here I encourage everyone to fellowship and be convinced your friends, relatives and acquaintances to come and enjoy a few days together and healthy rivalry and that we all return to give an example of what this beautiful game.

Many thanks to everyone and my best wishes for the year just to start.

A big hug

Jose Manuel Soto
President of the Organizing Committee"

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