Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Belgium: Junior & Young Rider Squad Announced for Championship in Abu Dhabi

November 15 2011
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A beautiful trip in perspective and a unique experience for our young riders who will represent Belgium in the World Championship endurance in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The world championships in the deserts of the Gulf are not new.

It all started in 1998 by Dubai and the senior championship. No one had previously made his endurance horse travel by plane. The six Belgian remember the terrible cold that prevailed in Belgium the day before departure to Frankfurt and stress that prevailed in the Belgian delegation.

Dubai organized a second world championship in 2005.

Then, still in 2005, the Bahrain which hosted the young riders. All this interspersed with various interests of the Belgian riders President's Cup (Abu Dhabi) or other events in Dubai.

After the last training gallop on the green axis, Peter Arnold has communicated its selection.

A great team, so the heads stay cool, can boldly defend his chances. It will have much to do in the event that, although the Committee pleaded endurance and worked-it is hoped that the specifications have been respected in the field, to make the course more technical, should run full blast.

Our representatives:

- Isabeau Anciaux et Maeva
- Elisabeth Hardy et Khersicot
- Morgane Boulanger et Luxor
- Raphael Van Cauter et Kadiloah

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