Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Australia: 2010 Shazada


Marion Legronne was the Fastest Time in 32 hours and 19 mins on her mare Sasam.... Marion looked a picture and smiled her way through the whole 400kms.

The oldest successful rider and rider who travelled the furthest was Alwyn Toorenbeek (below left). Another successful rider, Noni Seagrim (bottom left).

Six horses were called up for Best Conditioned/Best Managed Horse Award - Sasam ridden by Marion Legronne, Shakista ridden by Sue Todd (centre left), Shellal Cattle King Flyte ridden by Allix Jones, Diamond R Boston ridden by Kym Hagon (centre right), Garonne Park Tiara ridden by Anne Lymbery and Razorback Hot Pepper ridden by Tracy Haack.

Best Conditioned/Best Conditioned Horse Award went to Shakista, owned and ridden by Sue Todd (centere left).

Neil Clarkson and Espirit Sherwood won the Halifax Hayes Fit and Well Award.

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