Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Italy: Assisi Endurance Lifestyle 2009

Release: July 14 2009

The FEI Meydan City European Endurance Championship Open 2009 is the most important world endurance event of the year with all national official teams from five continents participating. Held during the event known as the Assisi Endurance Lifestyle 2009, the endurance championship will join other activities and topics such as economics, medicine, real estate, culture, fashion and entertainment across September 17-27 in the Italian city of Assisi.

The program also includes a prestigious international veterinary symposium, a round table conference on hippotherapy, a master art exhibition on horses and a weekend of activities dedicated to children and ponies. Assisi Endurance lifestyle 2009 is sponsored by RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, the event’s main media partner.

The opening ceremony of the FEI Meydan City European Endurance Championship Open 2009 on Thursday, September 24, will be glamorous and unique. Taking place in Assisi’s municipal square instead of in the stadium, each nation will pass by in procession with its own flag in a medieval atmosphere and setting, supervised by the Ente del Calendimaggio di Assisi.

The Great Endurance Ball will take place on September 25 in a location which is still top secret. There will be a special event during the ball supervised by the famous fashion firm Luisa Spagnoli.

The highlight of the event will be on the September 26 when the best world riders will compete against one another, among them the official national teams of the countries of the Persian Gulf, which are the event’s favoured teams: The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

In addition to the endurance race, the children in attendance won’t be forgotten. After the success of the Pony Village 2007 and of the Italian Pony Endurance Championship 2008, the program includes an independent event called “Ponies & Kids.” The event is totally dedicated to children and horse riding, horse riding intended not only as game and sport, but also as formative and educational.

From the September 17-20, there will be competitions in endurance, vaulting, obstacles, gymkhana, dressage and various pony games. There will be three competition fields and children will have the opportunity to experience horse riding with competitive spirit.

For more information, visit www.assisilifestyle.it or contact Sergio Cerini at sergio.cerini@effeciassociati.net.

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