Sunday, March 06, 2005

Racing industry could learn from endurance training

Horse Talk, by Earl Ola

I spent a most interesting morning with World Champion Endurance Rider Valerie Kanavy and her husband Larry. I understand that Valerie Kanavy has won more 100-mile races than any person in endurance racing history.

When Ms. Kanavy won world endurance racing championships in Dubai and in the Netherlands, she finished almost a mile ahead of the second place rider. In one of those races, her winning horse that had galloped (not cantered) more than 80 of the 100-miles was so strong at the end of the 100-mile race, it did not want to stop after the finish line; they could hardly control it during its cool down. It damaged the horse trailer on its way home and Valerie's winning racehorse was so high for three or four days after that 100-mile race, they could hardly lead it around. It was physically and mentally ready to race another 100 miles the very next day.

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