Sunday, November 07, 2004

Flagstaff woman captures women's title in Man against Horse Race

In the chilly dawn, 28 horses pace and nicker impatiently while riders tug their reins to keep them behind the starting line in the high Arizona desert. Among the sage and cactus, 18 runners shiver in shorts and singlets, giving wide berth to the stamping hooves of the snorting steeds.
"Five seconds," warns race director Ron Barrett. "OK, start running!"

In a cloud of dust, the thundering herd of horses, riders and runners take off across the plains toward the distant mountains in one of Arizona's most unique and colorful sporting events. By day's end they will have traversed 50 miles of rocky, rugged trails through desert canyons and forested mountaintops as they make their way around and over 7,500 foot Mingus Mountain in the Prescott National Forest

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