Thursday, October 09, 2003

The turkeys have landed!

>On Behalf Of Maggie Mieske
>OK, well, I thought it sounded arrogant to say the eagles have
>landed. :) But we have arrived safe and sound in Red Rock! Malik and
>Max "know" this is it and have promptly begun eating and drinking
>EVERYTHING. I was concerned about Max for awhile but his attitude has
>improved. I think Malik GAINED weight on this trip as he ate and drank
>everything we ever gave him! :) I might have mentioned that I caught him
>napping a few times, too. :) He took it all in stride. Max is a little
>tucked up but I think he will improve with lots of water and CARROTS... I
>bought about 50 # of carrots at a grocery store today. He loves
>carrots. We will rehydrate him one way or another! :)
>Anyway, Carol will have a line in tomorrow and if she lets me, I'll hook
>up my laptop and send in a few notes!! :)
>Oh and thanks to Jennifer who is letting me retrieve my homework
>assignments and get a ridecamp fix from her house
>nearby! :) WoW! :) People are so great out here!! :)
>More later when I can!
>Miles of smiles (like about 2250!),

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