Monday, April 28, 2003

Back Country Horsemen of California

BCHC's Public Lands Committee

BCHC's Public Lands Committee - Working for California

The Public Lands Committee (PLC) continues its efforts to keep our mission
in plain view for both ederal and state public land managers.

During 2002, PLC members from BCHC-Sequoia Unit and BCHC-Kern Sierra Unit
provided detailed analyses of the Giant Sequoia Monument Management Plan.
Their work helped our development of comments from the Public Lands

PLC Members from BCHC-Caballeros del Sol Unit, BCHC-Borrego Valley Unit and
BCHC-San Diego Unit responded to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park General
Plan and Draft EIR. That clarified the entire Public Lands Committee's
understanding of issues while developing our comments.

Throughout 2003 we will assist our federal congressional representatives in
developing "Right to Ride" legislation with the goal of solidifying the
historical importance of our western culture by preserving and facilitating
the continued use of pack and saddle stock in wilderness areas.

The Committee will also continue working with state legislative
representatives on California's state park issues.

Barbara J. Ferguson,
Vice President, Public Lands

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