Tuesday, December 01, 2015

South Africa: Arabs mad for our Arabians

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Aron Hyman | 01 December, 2015

Where does a sheik go when he wants a really good Arabian horse? To South Africa, of course.

Foreign buyers - mostly from the Middle East - have spent almost R8-million on 58 South African bred horses, and are footing a R29-million bill for their transportation.

Buyers include the Dubai royal family, which has purchased 48 horses, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, who has bought three, and US and British interests .

It is the biggest single shipment of horses from South Africa.

The horses are mostly Arabians - including a mare sold for R4-million - but there are some American Saddlers and Warm Bloods in the mix.

The horses were flown out of Cape Town yesterday on a chartered Qatar Airlines flight on the first leg of a three-month journey...

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